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The Journal of Healthcare Contracting

The Journal of Healthcare Contracting is the only publication that is solely devoted to the contracting arena of healthcare. It focuses on the interactions of the four primary stakeholders in healthcare contracting: health systems and their facilities, manufacturers and suppliers, distributors and group purchasing organizations. The participants in the contracting arena will grow to rely on The Journal of Healthcare Contracting for industry understanding, insight into the minds of thought leaders and collaboration opportunities amongst contracting constituents.

The Journal of Healthcare Contracting reaches the 9,000 executives involved in the healthcare contracting business. Readers include:
  • 7,200 executives involved in healthcare contracting for health systems at 1,000+ health systems. Health system readers are comprised of president/CEO, CFO/Controller, VP/Purchasing Director and Pharmacy/Formulary Director.
  • 5,000 Hospital CEOs.
  • 1,300 executives in sales, marketing, logistics and contracting for national and regional GPOs and distributors.
  • 1,100 supplier/manufacturer community members, including president/CEO, VP sales, VP corporate sales and marketing and corporate & national accounts executives.

Why advertise in The Journal of Healthcare Contracting?
The Journal of Healthcare Contracting is the only publication dedicated solely to the contracting arena of healthcare. Collaboration amongst stakeholders in the contracting arena is vital for efficiency, profitability and sometimes survival for members of this arena. The Journal of Healthcare Contracting will facilitate open, meaningful communication for it's community. No other publication reaches all the people responsible for the success of contracting initiatives for their organizations. Covering the healthcare contracting arena is all The Journal of Healthcare Contracting does!

The Journal of Healthcare Contracting will have the following segments:

  1. Executive Interview
  2. Model of the Future
  3. Contracting News
  4. Cover/Lead Story

Executive Interview will feature an executive from the contracting arena that is insightful, successful and established in the community as thought leader. The lead story in each issue will be either the executive interview or the cover story.

Model of the Future will explore trends and analysis in the healthcare-contracting arena. Collaboration, efficiency, clinical performance and financial gains will be explored as a result of contracting excellence.

Contracting News will provide a sampling of news published every month on the business activities in the healthcare-contracting arena. Issues covered include merger and acquisitions, financial information, awarded contracts, executive changes, legislation and certificates of need.

Cover/Lead Story will provide an in-depth examination of timely industry happenings, trends and analysis. The cover story will provide a consolidated look at issues in the contracting arena of healthcare yet to be tackled by a publication.

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